Small Business Photography

I believe a small business is a living organic entity with a life, a soul and a purpose. As your small business photographer, I find out why you do what you do, then I photograph what you do while incorporating the qualities and the values that your business cares about. The result is beautiful images that tell your story and connect with your potential clients and customers.

As a small business photographer, I care about your small business photography. You are amazing, share your story with the world.

The Process: Win/Win

The Request

Make your request via the contact form below. Tell me what you're doing and what you need. We can then set up a time for a meeting and discuss the project in further detail. I come to you or we can meet at your favourite cafe.

The Consultation

At the consultation I learn more about your business, what you do, why you do it, what you want others to know about you, your product and/or service(s). I get clarity so that I can understand what you need and what you want to create.

The Quote

Once I have a clear understanding of the project and have created a shot list, I then send you a quote. The quote is fixed and won't change unless your request changes. If your request changes then the quote will be updated and you will be notified and asked if you agree to the changes. There are no surprises, that's how I like to work. You can also pay in up to four instalments.

The Shoot

I create a shot list that covers everything you want to capture. You approve, add or remove anything you like. We set the location, time and date and we meet then and there. We shoot until we get what you need. When you work with me, know that anything is possible.

Get in Touch

My photographs make the difference to your business by fostering a heart-centric connection. 

P: 0434 468 722

You Are Amazing. Share Your Story with the World.