Event Photography

Capture the story of your event

Every event has a story – a purpose, a theme, VIP’s, keynote speakers, delicious food and great experience. Hire me to capture the story in images and highlight the success, so you can show the world how amazing it was. I aim to capture everyone in attendance with an all-inclusive approach. Age, gender, ethnicity and ability are all considered equal through my eyes. My photos show the participants engaged and enjoying themselves and make those who didn’t attend, wish they had.

I love what I do!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos will I get from my event?

I promise a minimum of 30 photos for every hour I work for you. Depending on the type of event, you may receive more. I don’t like to overshoot and be constantly heard clicking in the background while your presenter is talking but I also don’t withhold photos from my clients either. You get all the best photos from your event.

When will the photos be delivered?

The photos will be delivered within 72 hours of the event. I process my own photos myself; each and every one is inspected to ensure maximum quality. This takes time because I care about the photos that have my name attached to them. I uphold the highest standards.

You can request a highlights reel of 30 images at the end of each day for an additional cost.


What is included in the photography fees?

I charge an hourly rate. Included in the rate is event photography, image processing, image files and online delivery. I do this so that you can budget accurately and there’s no surprises. The quote you receive is final and won’t change unless you add hours at a later date.

How do I book your services for our upcoming event?

Click here to get an estimate emailed to you.

Do you offer video and editing?

Yes. I work with an amazing videographer who will capture clips of your event. These are great for future promotional videos and social media. We can arrange interviews with delegates sharing their experience of the conference, or we can capture the highlights candidly and convey what it’s like to be at your event. 

How will the photos be delivered?

I use Pixieset to deliver the web-resolution images to you. This provides you with a beautiful gallery page that you can like and share. From Pixieset you can download the images directly to your computer. I can also provide you with a link you can send your event guests so that they can easily access and download the images you want them to have. 

I also offer a custom USB with the conference logo engraved then posted to you with high and low resolution images.

Can we hire more than one photographer?

Yes. We can discuss your requirements and determine how many photographers you want and need. Rest assured that I will always be the primary photographer at your event. 

Do you offer a portrait photo booth?​

Yes! The photo booth is ideal for LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social media platform that requires a profile photo. I can incorporate your conference branding in the background or just offer a solid light grey background. Just let me know. The portrait studio includes studio lighting, backdrop, stool and reflectors, like a mini mobile studio. It’s a huge hit and attracts participants to your booth. Ideally set up at the conference’s host booth or at a major sponsor’s booth. You can request me at your photo booth or I can arrange for another photographer.

Get in Touch

My photographs make the difference to your bottom line and contribute to the overall event experience. Get in touch and tell me what you need photographed and I will take care of the rest.

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