Let’s get right into it. Here are five reasons your conference needs a photographer.

  1. Promotion – By capturing a record of the event, you will have images you can show to future clients, delegates, speakers . You want to be able to show them that the conference you organised was a huge success and the people who attended, enjoyed themselves and found it valuable. The photos will be used to promote future events.
  2. Sponsorship – Conferences can attract a lot of money from sponsors. You need to be able to show the sponsors that their money was well spent, the attendance was high and their signage was displayed throughout the venue. They want to see evidence that their brand was displayed and their money was well spent. A conference photographer will capture high quality images of branding throughout the venue. You can share these images with your sponsors to thank them and show them that your conference was worth their support.
  3. Next year’s promotion – If you photograph your event this year then you will have promotional images you can use to attract sponsorship, speakers and delegates next year.
  4. Quality images – At the end of your event you have library of quality images that record the event. The high resolution images will be for printing purposes – the annual report, banners, branding, etc. The web resolution images will be used online, on social media, websites, anywhere you need an image to promote your conference online. Quality images enhance your brand.
  5. Government Funding – Future funding applications are enhanced by quality images of the conference.
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